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Forget about settling on a glowing television screen – your garden can be the ultimate family destination in the warmest months of the year. Spending time together outdoors creates real memories that bring you closer together than the next series on Netflix could ever do. The only thing you need is a great outdoor destination – and that's where these family-friendly backyard ideas come in.

At Adventure World Play Sets we make a premium line of vinyl play sets and swings that are the cornerstone of super fun yards across the country. Since we are at the forefront when playing outdoors, we highlight our preferred family-friendly garden ideas for children of all ages in today's blog !

 Backyard ideas for children "width =" 558 "height =" 280 "/><h2> 9 backyard ideas for children</h2><p> All of these ideas fascinate children and are recognized by parents everywhere. Of course <strong> some of our children's backyard ideas use our play sets, while others can be homemade or picked up at any large store </strong>.</p><p><strong> Playhouse </strong> – A great playhouse provides children with a great setting for all of their fantasy games. Your backyard playhouse can be so much more, whether you imagine it is your future home or a secret fortress. There are a variety of different playhouses on the market, which were built according to very different qualities. Buy one that lasts long and does NOT give your children splinters.</p><p> Take a look at our independent playhouses!</p><p><strong> Butterfly Garden </strong> – A butterfly garden is a term for a flower bed that is said to attract different types of beautiful butterflies. Both you and the children will equally enjoy taking care of the flowers and seeing them bloom. Children also always enjoy observing and admiring many different butterflies. This is one of the most unexpected – and yet great! – family-friendly backyard ideas.<br /> <strong> Sporting Goods </strong> – Whatever your family's favorite sport, it's a surefire backyard idea for kids. If your family likes soccer, buy a soccer net – and if your kids try it for the baseball team, get a pitchback coach. Everyone will have a great time outdoors, watching and playing the role of an amateur trainer.<br /> <strong> Swings </strong> – A swing is one of the classic hallmarks of a large back yard and is guaranteed to provide countless hours of fun. A swing is one of the most effective backyard ideas for kids to go outside and even move! There are more different types of swings than ever before, including 2-person glider swings, tire swings, ball swings, and more.</p><p> All of our play set options can be found here!</p><p><strong> Shadow Options </strong> – Something every family-friendly garden needs is a little shade. This way you can enjoy nature together even at sunset. Whether that looks like a parasol or even a garden pavilion, you will be glad you have it.<br /> <strong> Sandpit </strong> – A backyard idea for children that is like a day at the beach and integrates a sandpit into the backyard offers another opportunity for an imaginative game. You can use your sandpit to build castles or bring cars and trucks in and imagine your own sand world. Our play sets often contain sandboxes under the main tower.<br /> <strong> A hammock </strong> – If the energetic outdoor fun for the children (or parents) brings a lot, we recommend a place to relax and unwind. Free-standing or attached to trees, a hammock is a fantastic accessory for your garden.<br /> <strong> Slides </strong> – Another classic way to play outdoors. Adding a swing with a slide is a great kid-friendly idea for the garden. Almost all of our swings come with one or more slides. We're also creating more fun and faster film types than ever before – see them all here.<br /> <strong> Swings for Parents </strong> – These are family-friendly backyard ideas, which means the goal is to bring the whole family together. Parents need a place to sit, relax and swing. Many of our play sets come with built-in swings for adults, but we also offer the stand-alone love seat for adults, which has its own awning to provide some shade.</p><h3> Tie it all together with Adventure World play sets</h3><p> Our deluxe play sets can help you and your children transform your garden into a backyard goal. Our play sets not only combine popular swings and slides, but also include numerous other backyard ideas for kids that we mentioned, such as a play house and sandpit.</p><p> Not only do our sets offer everything when it comes to having fun outdoors that takes children outside, they are also built to be extremely safe and NEVER need to be serviced. Because our robust, handmade sets are covered with thick vinyl, there is no risk that your children will get splinters. Unlike wooden sets that need repainting or staining, a vinyl play set lasts for several decades without maintenance.</p><h4> Bring your family-friendly backyard ideas to life with us.</h4><p><img class=

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