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Does Swing Swing on Good Train?


It can be more difficult than ever to find ways to encourage your kids to get active outdoors – and a new swing can seem like a surefire way. For this reason, many parents have started to ask the question: “ Is swinging on a swing a good exercise? “Yes, it is – experts have stated that swinging 30 minutes on a swing is equivalent to walking 22 minutes or swimming 13 minutes. They estimate that just half an hour of swing burns about 100 calories!

Adventure World Play Sets believes that children who are more active are something to celebrate. For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of creating high-quality and safe swings for children to inspire children to spend more time outdoors. Today's blog features some of our most popular swing exercise tips that will motivate your kids to stay active!

 Rocking exercise "width =" 354 "height =" 233 "/><h2> 5 more ways to get a swing set exercise</h2><p> The swing set exercise begins because many parents believe that persuading your child to swing on a swing is an easy alternative to swimming, walking, or more traditional exercise. Plus, it's not too bad to burn 100 calories in 30 minutes!</p><p> Watch some of our favorite family games outdoors!</p><p> Although the rocking exercise mentioned above has many advantages, there are many other ways to get your kids active and playing outside. Below we suggest our favorite ideas so that children can stay physically fit while playing outdoors. <strong> Trust us when we say that rocking exercises are just the beginning of what your child can do with an outdoor play set </strong>.</p><p><span class= 1st rock wall

Adding a custom rock wall to your outdoor play set is a great way to encourage your kids to have fun and be active. Our rock faces are equipped with strategically placed stones so that your child can reach the top just as hard and satisfactorily. All of our rock faces are supplied with a rope so that your child is safe when climbing the summit. We offer our rock faces as both a regular and a mini option so that your children can find a rock wall that is suitable for them, regardless of their age group.

2nd overhead climber

Overhead climbers (also called climbing poles) are a great way to strengthen your child's strength and determination in the upper arm. The route via the climbers is partly a test for physical strength, but also for the commitment of a child to make it to the end. We recommend that parents be there to help or catch a child until they can complete the overhead climbers on their own.

3. Fire Brigade Mast

A fireman's pole is a red pole that can be attached to any of our custom play sets. This pole is a great way for your child to build their upper arm strength by either trying to climb to the top of the pole or staying up while gravity is working to bring them down to earth. Why not host a competition between your kids or the neighborhood kids to see who can reach the top first – or hang out the longest!

Other popular play set accessories.

4. Easy Rider Glider

If you have multiple children or want to encourage your child to play more with others, a simple glider is a great solution. With a simple glider, two children can sit on either side of a bench and slide back and forth to move the glider. This can be a fun way for children to interact with each other while maintaining a healthy rocking exercise. You will be amazed at how much fun it will be if your child makes friends and is active at the same time.

5th bar

You may have seen bars on Olympic television more often than on a children's play set, but we can install these play set accessories individually so that children can become healthy and have fun. Children can easily climb over these poles, hold up, and even learn safe tricks to maneuver around the bars. It could be fun to measure each of your children and see how long they can stay on the bars.

See our favorite swings for big kids.

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 Play set for exercise "width =" 353 "height =" 257 "/><p> Is swinging on a swing a good exercise for your child? We can answer this question with a resounding yes. As you can see from above, it is a great way for your child to have fun and burn calories to make sure they stay healthy in the long run. At Adventure World Play Sets we make the construction of the play set or swing sets easy and highly customizable. All of the rocking exercises mentioned above can be easily done with any of our play sets or swings.</p><p> Create your own play set today!</p><p> Our play sets are available in all colors of the rainbow, so you can easily find a color palette that suits your family's needs. Enter your zip code and find your nearest Adventure World Play Sets dealer to start this process!</p><p> <strong> Share: </strong></p> </pre> </pre> <!-- WP QUADS Content Ad Plugin v. --><div class=

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