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5 the reason why each little one ought to have a trampoline

Today, the carefree laugh of children playing outside is replaced by the sound of controllers and candy crush. In the past ten years, our way of life has changed dramatically thanks to new technological discoveries.

Technology changes not only our lives as adults, but also our children. What happened to the outdoor activities we grew up with? Children do not take part in it today. Instead, they are entertained by video games and iPads. Sure, there are advantages to our children being exposed to technology, but it's sad that children no longer play like children.

It has been reported that children spend 50% less time doing outdoor activities than they did in the 1970s. Meanwhile, groups like the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics are asking parents to send their children outside to play freely. Maybe it's because parents don't know what to do with children outside, or maybe it isn't because children don't want to go outside when they can be entertained, or maybe a combination of both.

Regardless of why, playing outdoors has many advantages. A good way to take your kids outside and get active is a trampoline. Here are 5 reasons why every child should have a trampoline to play with:

Fresh air

It is good for them to take their children outside from the TV or phone. Many parents tend to believe that playing outdoors can lead to germs and diseases, but in fact the fresh air and dirt won't hurt them. In fact, recent studies have shown that it helps children to be outside earlier in life in order to achieve better motor coordination and focus. It can also help with stress and your immune system. One study even found that indoor air is more likely to promote asthma than outdoors.

Combats obesity

Childhood obesity is a real and serious problem in our society. Any physical activity that your child takes part in will fight the risk of obesity. Jumping on the trampoline is an activity that children can enjoy and that is healthy for them too. If your child has weight issues, jumping on a trampoline can be a great way to lose a few pounds while having fun. It's a vigorous activity that burns more calories than running. This can be a fun and entertaining activity that promotes weight loss and helps your child maintain a healthy weight.

Active lifestyle

One important thing to keep in mind about children is that the things you instill in them at an early age will stay with them later in life. People who are active as children are much more active adults than those who were not. His important children are active and the trampoline can be good for many health reasons. The rebound system of a trampoline is very good in terms of health. Not only is it safe for your joints, it can also help improve your lymphatic system by increasing blood flow. Jumping on a trampoline also strengthens your muscles and bones. The exercise part of jumping is aerobic and therefore good for the heart and lungs. In fact, trampoline exercises have been found to lower your heart rate and blood pressure more than many other exercises.

hours of fun

The great thing about a trampoline is that although it's a fairly simple activity, your kids will want to do it for hours. Which is an advantage for several reasons. First, your children stay active for more than five minutes. It is important that your children have to exercise at least 30 minutes a day to take advantage of the health benefits described above. Most children happily jump on the trampoline for hours and easily exceed 30 minutes. Second, you have a break from worrying about what you're doing. Show your children how much fun it is by participating!

Increase in social engagement

A trampoline can be a great way to increase your child's social engagement. Your child is not the only child who likes to jump on the trampoline. Invite some of your neighborhood friends or kids to rest – and watch them play for hours. This is a great way for children to connect with other children in a healthy and active way.

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